Sunday, April 27, 2008

Its been such a long time since i last blogged.. doesnt sound too good. :( its was quite a dramatic starting of a new yr... trying out new post in company and gettin ready for my 2nd pregnancy..

yesh! i'm now in my 2nd trimester! yipee! the horrifying 1st 3 months are over.. was feeling so weak and lethargic almost every single day.. was even given a 4day MC! aww.. i am still feeling happy about having a 2nd one.. think i shall just stop at 2!

my friend, Chun.. is getting married! Chun, if u're readin this.. i'm so happy for u and ur hubby to be.. u havent really intro him to us yet! =) nevertheless, welcome to marriage life, where u will be sharing ur next half of life with... :)

gotta go.. Natasha is getting up from her nap soon!

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

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Monday, December 31, 2007

i finally got logged into my blog account! argh! have been trying for days to remember my passwordd.... well, it seems that perseverance do work out~

Natasha is already in bed, and she is already 1 yr old! =) how times flies.. last yr, ard this time.. we were busy with Nat's milk feed, her diaper change and all other stuffs which parents ought to do..

Last week, we celebrated Nat's 1st birthday with some of our close friends.. :) and i really appreciate everyone's attendance.. came for Nat's sake even though its so near to chrsitmas. ;) Nat enjoyed herself.. and i'm glad she did too.. Everyone loves her.. believed that she is the blessed one, cux she has been receiving so many favoured from everyone. :) even strangers love her.. keke, i'm proud to be her mummy.

although her birthday, Vincent and myself spent a bomb on it.. i guess, its worthwhile. she's our only darling, and i dun mind spending on her.. =) and i'm even more happy to hear that she look good in her dress, cux i went to 3 shopping centres to hunt for it! cux Polo Raplh is running out on her size! blame it on last min shopping..

the new yr is coming.. and i have not made any new yr resolution.. should i say..... that i dun made a list, cux i dun think i will adhere to it. :) i guess majority doesnt as well.. guess my ultimate goal is to provide the best for my family, my precious. :) 2008, i'm becoming a teacher, and i pray for wisdom and favour.. i pray that i will be a light to my students, even though they are little kids.. i believed they are the source of light to us adults..

In fact, adults should learn from children more.. cux they dun bear grudges, they dun remember pain~

anyway, Happy 2008! can see fireworks over at my place! impressed!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

i brought Natasha to the National Library today! i thought of bringing her to library about weeks ago, but hesistated cux i'm afriad of bringing Nat out alone.. i may need someone else if Natasha gets cranky..

but she behaved well. :) and i must say, she made friends todaY! there's this 18 month old toddler, Winnie.. Natasha loves her, she keeps patting her, keeps crawling towards her.. Natasha practically crawl the whole library.. hahaa, yes, i'm exagerrating.. but i know for sure, Natasha enjoyed herself today! =)

some pictures!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Natasha is still asleep.. she has been waking up at 3am almost every night! wonder why. guess she must have taken too much afternoon naps! but mum in law is very nice.. she has been offering her help to take care of nat so that hubby and i can have good rest before we start off for work..

ok, i think natsaha is havin a bad dream now, she just cried in her sleep.. will be taking natasha to causeway point later, its time for her to explore ard. :)

work will be busy! very busy! and i guess i will have lesser quality time being able to spend with nat and hubby. nevertheless, i guess we would be havin a mini celebration for natasha's 1st birthday~

details yet to reveal.. hasnt got a chance to discuss with vincent as well.. alrighty, shall post another time.. =) took some good pictures for natasha. keke, will post when i have the time.. when i'm free..

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hello Friends,

here are some updates about my precious darling.. :)
happy viewing!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

been a long time since i last blogged~

ok, some updates about my little girl...
life hasnt changed much, its still Natasha, natasha, natasha.. and i'm feeling good great to have her in my life all the time. :) she's growing mighty fast and strong, she's trying to cruise around now! and she gets so proud when we praise her, she got the proud face... we call it the 'Piggy Face' :) her incisors (tooth) finally spout out! :) i waited so long to have that tooth out! have her toothbrush and toothpaste ready! this little girl loves to eat Avocado and cod fish, sure know how to enjoy the glorious food~ glory to my pocket as well!

Natasha hair is also growing out! have been discovering all the little characteristics that make Natasha unique: fat toes, piggy face, hair that sticks up no matter how much it's brushed! hahaha! that should be funny!

work has been a bliss! :) i just got a pay rise and its so much more than expected.. i'm greatful to God that he bless me so much more in abundance! :) call me the highly favoured one!

had gone into a fetish to baking again... much thanks to my sister.. she has grown into a baker lover! messaging me when she has an idea or her success bake story~ i think we can open up a bakery shop next time! :) provided we have the capitol..

Hubby has been working hard. clockin so much hours in OT.. not that he chose to OT, but he has to OT... sigh~ he even work during the public holidays.. and i can see him wearing out sometimes... for natasha and our future home! big money, here we come! :) but i guess, that's parenthood. :) and i'm sure Vincent and myself are enjoying this phrase of ours. :)

here wad i think about parenthood:

1) Being the most tired you've ever been in your whole life - and the most happy.

2) Sitting up in bed feeding your baby in the middle of the night, and knowing that all over the world other mothers are doing just the same. :)

3) Watching Natasha sleeping face and wondering what the future holds for her.

4) Discovering how infectious Natasha's giggles can be.

5) Dreaming up fantastic food combinations for your baby: avocado and banana, chicken and grapes or sweet potato and broccoli.

6) Taking millions of photographs, which you keep meaning to put into an album, but never quite get round to it.

7) Discovering the pleasures of three in a bed - even when Vincent and myself only have a few inches of space while Natty lies sideways across middle.

8) and above all, having Natasha is the best decision i ever made. :)

Thank U Jesus, for giving us Natasha.

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